New year, new you. Toss out those takeaway menus. Start the new year on the right track with these healthy recipes that don’t skimp on flavour and will keep you feeling great well into the year.

The holidays are over, the pants are snugger and that new year resolution to eat healthier is looking a lot harder to stick to from this side of January 1st. But with all the ingenious recipes combining big flavours with health-focused ingredients, you can kick the new year off right without too much pain. Below, we’ve pulled together seven recipes designed to delight both your tastebuds and your waistband.

Buddha Bowl Goodness

Buddha bowlThrow together a little bit of veggies, greens and proteins and end up with a dazzling medley of colour and deliciousness also known as the Ultimate Buddha Bowl.

Sausages and Squash

This Stuffed Squash with Tahini Sauce  recipe was created by former athlete Lauren Klukas, so you know it’s loaded with all sorts of nutrients to help keep you in the best health.

More than it Seems Greens

GreensSpiced, melted, toasted, port-soaked. This recipe for Greens with Melted Pecorino Cheese, Toasted Hazelnuts and Port-Soaked Raisins goes the extra mile for the best flavour.

Soup for the Soul and Body

Cold January weather means irresistible cravings for hearty, comfort food. This guilt-free Turkey Meatball Soup will warm your bones and keep you healthy.

Not Just Another Salad

potato and brussel sprout saladWho said a salad had to be boring? This Roasted Potato and Brussel Sprout Salad with Bacon and Boursin recipe is packed with flavour and has bonus points for making bacon healthy.

Linguine with a Twist

Zucchini linguineIt looks like pasta, it tastes like pasta…wait, it’s not pasta? Trick your eyes and tastebuds with this recipe for Zucchini Linguine with Ricotta and Pine Nuts.

Quench and Go

kale spinach juiceThis Kale Spinach Juice recipe is so easy you can make it pretty much any time. Have it in the morning before work or add it to any of the recipes above for extra goodness.

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