Forget finger sandwiches€”these recipes will update a traditional tea party in time for spring, a season that’s all about a fresh awakening.

We might have ditched the colourful gloves and suits to enjoy a cuppa, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t occasionally introduce the charm of an old-fashioned tea party into your life.

Brew a pot of tea and prepare one of these recipes the next time you’re hosting friends to help turn your gathering into a sophisticated and (almost) royal event.

1. Smoked Salmon Tart with Horseradish Mascarpone

smoked salmon squares

While the star of this recipe is certainly the smoked salmon, its true beauty is covered under the thin, rose-forming slices of fish, where Fresh Ideas Start Here‘s Jenice Yu places horseradish mascarpone. Bonus: it’s gluten-free!

2. Grilled Fig Sandwiches with Roasted-Pistachio Pesto and Balsamic Caramelized Onions

Sandwiches are a must-have during both low and high tea (the former traditionally taking place slightly earlier in the day than the latter). This intriguing vegetarian combination of toasted pistachio, grilled figs, balsamic onions and arugula is our answer to more conventional meat-based afternoon-tea sandwiches.

3. Kelp Scones with Smoked Sea Salt and Serrano-Chili Butter

These savoury seaweed scones will ensure your tea party is anything but boring. Chef Ned Bell suggests serving them with spicy Serrano-chili–infused butter while their aroma is still fresh in the kitchen—a clever way to kick your gathering up a notch.

4. Black Tea–Infused Madeleines

The experts at TWG Tea believe that tea can be enjoyed not only as a drink, but as a flavorful addition to our favorite sweet treats. These traditional French madeleines—made with black tea leaves—serve as a reminder that some of the most genius recipes are plain simple.

5. Mini Pavlova with Lemon Curd and Cream

Seasonal fruit, sour-sweet lemon curd, neat meringue nests and a finishing touch of whipping cream—if that doesn’t sound like heaven, we’re not sure what does. These mini pavlova will look (and taste) great even if your meringue turns out slightly imperfect.

6. Coconut Cream Pie

What’s a party without cake or pie? Pikanik‘s Joanna Schultz created this coconut treat to make our childhood dreams come true: a light, delicious pie that accommodates many allergies (it’s gluten-, wheat- and nut-free).

7. Double Chai Ginger Log

If you’re already missing ginger-cookie season (oh, those carefree holidays), why not make their distinguishable taste the star of a tea party? Comprising candied ginger, homemade chai masala and an entire package of ginger cookies, the log must be refrigerated for eight hours prior to mealtime so that the cream softens the cookies and all ingredients blend into one.