Switch out the heavy desserts for these light, tasty treats.

From crackling creme brûlées to tart key lime pies, here are nine light-and-fruity treats perfect for summer. (Photo Credit: Thomas Haas)

1. Lavender Creme Brûlée

Whisked with fresh cream and milk, this dessert features a lightly-sweetened custard filling beneath a crunchy, caramelized sugar topping. For this treat, it’s the hints of mint and rosemary that make it the perfect summer favourite. (Photo Credit: John Sherlock)

2. Lemon Bars

Bursting with citrus flavour, this tasty bar is the perfect complement to any picnic table. Worried the lemon will be too overpowering? Don’t be. The lightly-dusted layer of sugar works perfectly with the crumbly shortbread base to mellow out the intensity of the zing-y filling. (Photo Credit: Makito Inomata)

3. Strawberry And Rhubarb Ice Cream

Everyone knows that ice cream is a summer essential. If you’re in the mood to try something a little different this year, why not try this strawberry and rhubarb ice cream? Pale pink and cooling, this light recipe makes for a frozen treat. Feeling extra indulgent? Don’t forget to garnish with a mint leaf and serve in your favourite bowl.  (Photo Credit: Marriott Victoria)

4. West Coast Summer Trifle

This West Coast twist on an English classic is a layered treat of fruits, signature pastry and whipped cream. For this recipe, choose from homemade pastry cream or store-bought custard. Run out of serving bowls? A martini glass will work just fine for this dessert, according to executive chef Neil Antonin. (Photo Credit: Lisa Linder)

5. Michael Roux’s Chocolate Mousse

When it comes to desserts, chocolate is a timeless classic. French chef Michel Roux recommends chocolate mousse as a lighter alternative on those hot days. Created from high-quality dark chocolate, eggs and superfine sugar, each serving features a light, smooth cocoa zest garnished with finely chopped chocolate pieces (curled for decoration). (Photo Credit: Duchess Bake Shop)

6. Duchess Blackberry Goat Cheese Blancmange

This next dessert is the perfect blend of light and luxurious. Inspired by the Duchess Bakeshop‘s Giselle Courteau, this French treat boasts a light buttermilk and goat cheese base underneath a layer of freshly-strained blackberries, topped with an orange garnish. (Photo Credit: Duchess Bake Shop)

7. Dark Chocolate Meringue

Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, this French dessert is everything you could want in a summer treat. Made from beaten egg whites and combined with icing sugar, salt, vanilla extract and finely diced chocolates, this classic meringue recipe is the perfect pick-me-up to satisfy your sweet tooth. (Photo Credit: Tracey Kusiewicz)

8. Tarte Tatin

This famous upside-down tart is made with thin sheets of caramelized aromatic apples on a flaky pastry base. The real crowning glory for this summer dessert is the natural apple sweetness paired with a classic favourite: vanilla ice cream.