Be the most popular person at your next summer gathering.

A BBQ is not just a way of cooking, it’s an event! Our favourite kind of summer BBQ is the potluck type. Everyone comes together to help create the meal, so the food reflects everyone’s tastes and personalities. Of course, there’s also the element of competition inherent in this type of gathering – not all contributions are created equal, and some will definitely make a bigger splash than others. If you want to make sure you’re the hero of any BBQ you attend this summer, we’ve compiled a selection of sauces, snacks, and sides that are sure to impress.

1. Chipotle Aquafaba Mayo

Aquafaba mayo is made with chickpea water, so no eggs to spoil in the hot sun! But the fact that this mayo is vegan is really just icing on the cake, the real win is the delicious zesty flavour and creamy texture. Put it on everything.

2. Pre-Cut Fruit

Whether you’re going to toss them in fruit salad or skewer them and pop them on the grill (this is surprisingly delicious) fresh cut fruit is a must have for any BBQ.

3. Kombucha

While the main focus of a BBQ is probably not gut health, there’s no harm in adding a little healthy bacteria into the mix. After all, you may be eating some questionable things, and you’ll almost certainly be eating a lot.

4. Plant-Based Burgers

If you’re among the growing number of people choosing a plant-based diet, you know that often means bringing your own.

5. Potato Salad

Potato salad is a BBQ classic, but it’s also pretty time consuming. If you want all the accolades but don’t want to spend your day boiling potatoes, this Be Fresh potato salad is for you! It tastes like homemade, only better.