Fire up the grill. These incredible recipes (think apple burgers, rhubarb-marinated tenderloin and smokey perogy potatoes) make for a pretty incredible backyard feast.

So let’s get our nomenclature straight. Barbecuing is cooking very slowly with indirect heat. It’s fantastic; if you have the surplus of time to do it, then we congratulate you for investing in Apple stock in 2002 and earning your life of leisure. Grilling, on the other hand—that’s what the rest of us do when summer hits. We use gas, occasionally charcoal, and it doesn’t have to take an entire day. But just because it’s faster doesn’t mean that it can’t result in the season’s most memorable meals. We’ve enlisted Brian Misko, champion barbecuer, world-class griller and author of the recently published Grilling with the House of Q, to help navigate your path to outdoor cooking nirvana in a few short and easy steps.

The Menu: The Best Backyard BBQ Dishes

Smoke-Planked Perogy PotatoesGrilled Corn, Black Bean and Peach SaladAward-Winning Apple BurgersRhubarb-Marinated Pork Tenderloin with Jack Daniels Apples

PS: Want to up your burger game? Try out these homemade condiment recipes from award-winning chef David Hawksworth.

Don’t just guess if your rhubarb-marinated pork tenderloin is ready€”use a thermometer!

These smoked perogy potatoes are cooked on planks. Keep a spray bottle nearby.