The Soup Sisters deliver much- needed goodness, one beautiful bowl at a time. Here’s four of our favourite soup recipes from their latest cookbook.

Four Fabulous Recipes from the New Soup Sisters Cookbook

Some celebrate milestone birthdays with lavish meals in fancy restaurants. On March 3, 2009, Sharon Hapton spent her 50th in Calgary with 30 girlfriends who got together for a soup-making party. This simple gathering triggered a now-nationwide effort to provide support to women, children and youth in crisis: today, a growing network of over 12,000 volunteers joins friends and co-workers in kitchens in 20 cities from Halifax to Victoria to prepare pots of soup from scratch to deliver to community members in need.soup sisters and broth brothers“I realized I had been a soup-maker for most of my adult life,” says Hapton, “and had come to understand that this simple gesture of delivering soup to loved ones in their time of need was an incredibly powerful way to show care and concern. I went for a walk one day and came home with the two words—‘Soup Sisters’—in my head. I knew what I had to do!”Although the movement began with a group of women, Broth Brothers quickly followed. “One of the most rewarding moments was the first time I walked into an event and saw men chopping, dicing and stirring,” Hapton says. “I realized that we offered a place where they felt comfortable supporting the issue of domestic violence prevention. To see such a simple idea have such a profound impact on everyone involved—men and women can all come together, enjoy the camaraderie of the kitchen, and give in a meaningful and tangible way.”As a way to support the grassroots, non-profit organization, Hapton began asking people for their favourite soup recipes for the website. It was a logical next step to turn these into a cookbook when the opportunity presented itself. The first book quickly became a bestseller when it launched in October 2012. “It’s a great source of revenue and helps us to keep the soup flowing,” says Hapton. “It’s a popular gift—people love to give a good book while supporting a good cause.”This fall, the second Soup Sisters book will be released; with over a hundred recipes, Hapton hopes the new edition will inspire even more home cooks to deliver a “hug in a bowl” to someone they care about.