A chocolate concoction so good, it made me forget that I hated celery.

Adam Chandler wants us all to revisit the summers of our childhoods. The pastry chef and co-owner of Beta5 Chocolates has a new summer collection dedicated to the flavours we cherished in our youth, but translated into profiles present-day tastebuds will crave.Look out for chocolates inspired by the flavours of root beer floats and the cherry cola, throwbacks to the days of ice cream and soda shops—while grown-up flavour combos like the strawberry daiquiri chocolate and the piña colada cream puff add an edge reserved for your favourite summer cocktail.Funky, bite-sized and straight-out-of-left-field, it’s the celery peanut chocolate that really caught my attention: the mild tang of celery perfectly complements the creamy peanut butter, all wrapped in a decadent layer of chocolate.Beta5’s summer collection will be available in-store (413 Industrial Ave., Vancouver) starting July 23 until October 21. The 12 new flavours include three cream puffs (piña colada, cherry cola and lime spritzer), three new eclairs (Neapolitan, s’more and ants on a log) and six new chocolates (strawberry daiquiri, cinnamon s’more, cucumber cooler, raspberry lemonade, celery peanut and root beer float).celerypeanut

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