The Thin White Duke evidently loved Shepherd’s Pie.

There’s all sorts of tributes pouring in as a result of David Bowie’s untimely passing, but one that caught my eye was a piece in Food & Wine that mentioned how much the cultural icon loved Shepherd’s Pie. It seems an oddly pedestrian dish for a rock God, especially considering that it was his supermodel wife Iman who regularly made it for him, but then again for all his fame Bowie was always more elegant than arrogant.So in honour of the great man we tapped two of our own great imports—The Pacific Culinary Institute’s Julian Bond and The Irish Heather’s Sean Heather—to provide us with a pair of recipes that we could cook while “Suffragette City” plays in the background. Note: Julian’s recipe uses lamb, which is traditional. Sean’s uses beef, which while delicious, technically makes it a cottage pie.Click here for Julian’s recipe. And here for Sean’s. And no ch-ch-ch-changes please. 800px-Shepherds_pie_(8564982476)