Bookmark these dishes for the next time your brain is drawing a blank pre-breakfast, lunch or dinner.

(Photo: Tracey Kusiewicz)

Sheet Pan Chicken Caesar with Roasted Garlic and Prosciutto

I mean, prosciutto-wrapped chicken and homemade bread crumbs ready in under an hour—with only one sheet pan to wash!—and tossed with a healthy serving of greens for that #cleaneating factor? Bookmark this for your exhausted-after-work self—and maybe sub the romaine for iceberg until the former is in the clear again.—Lucy Lau, style editor (Photo: Clinton Hussey.)

Banana Bread Doughnuts

I come from a family plagued with food allergies—wheat, dairy, nuts, salmon…the list goes on—but I make it my mission to still eat really delicious things whenever we get together. So I was more than a little stoked about these vegan and gluten-free treats that are topped with maple-roasted almonds(!). Yes, it’s a doughnut, so I’m not exactly getting healthier eating it—but also, it’s a doughnut and I can eat it, so yay all round. —Anicka Quin, editorial director (Photo: Clinton Hussey; food styling: Lawren Moneta; prop styling: Nicole Sjostedt.)

Garden Shakshuka

When I moved out of the ol’ family nest, my mom told me to remember to eat something green every day. Some weeks, that’s easier than others. (I just love carbs, okay?!) But I feel like serving up this green-on-green-on-green veggie-packed shakshuka recipe for Sunday brunch more than makes up for any poor nutritional decisions throughout the week. Blend kale, dill, asparagus and peas (or whatever else you can scavenge from the crisper) and a serrano pepper for a little kick, and then nestle some eggs in the whole mess and sprinkle it with feta and pistachios for something that’s healthy enough to make mom proud but tasty enough to lure friends over after a less-than-good-for-you night out. —Stacey McLachlan, executive editor

Queso Fundido

Technically this ran on December 28, 2017, but I’m using the bowl-of-melted-cheese exception to sneak it in given that it was published less than a year ago. Also, it’s huge volcanic bowl of melted cheese. But what seems like just good ol’ fashioned richness is saved by a zing of salsa verde and I also love that this recipe highlights how deft the chefs (in this case Mariana Gabilondo) can be at Gastown’s La Mezcaleria. Also hats off to the dishwashers—yeoman’s work team.—Neal McLennan, travel editor