If you’re a less-than-eager chef, short on time, or simply swamped by the amount of RSVPs you’ve received for an upcoming party, we’ve got you covered.

Whether its cooking for co-workers or friends and family, the holidays can be a time where even the dine-out crowd is encouraged to get their hands dirty. For those seasoned entertainers or those just beginning, there’s the ever-looming worry: will there be enough food?  Fear not, anxious hosts and hostesses, because we’ve got a mix of mains, appetizers and desserts that will remedy any reservations you have about cooking for the holidays—we’re keeping it simple to make, and simple to serve. Kale-Chips-with-Smoked-Paprika-recipe-817x400

1. Kale Chips with Smoked Paprika

Image Author: Myra and Marea Goodman

2.Thai Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce


3. Next-Level Nachos


4. Perogies For All


5. Vij’s Coconut Veggie Curry


6. Pasta Carbonara with Bacon and Rapini

punch recipe for parties

7. Rosemary’s Baby Punch


8. Homemade Gingerbread Cookies

Photo: Clinton Hussey

9. Chocolate Fondue