There are so many reasons to load up your diet with veggies—your health, the planet’s health— but Brian and Christina Skinner of Frankie We Salute You! in Kelowna, B.C., have the most convincing one yet: because they taste damn good.

Under the Skinners’ creative touch, plant-based eating goes beyond the clichés of bland tofu and broccoli to celebrate texture and crunch and plenty of creativity. we’re talking crispy apple and celery slathered in can’t-stop-eating-it peanut dressing, fluffy chickpea waffles topped with fresh asparagus and second helpings of sweet, smoky, salty, spicy mushroom tacos. Get ready for some serious plant power.

Recipes by Brian and Christina Skinner // photographs by Darren Hull

5 Plant-Based Recipes That Seriously Wow

Celery, Apple and Peanut Salad


The Perfect Plant Protein Bowl


Chickpea Waffles with Grilled Asparagus, Plant-Based Feta, Fresh Mint and Olive Oil


Bulgogi Mushroom Tacos


Almond Shortbread with Sweet Pea and Mint Icing