Beets, beautiful beets: savour your farmers’ market haul with these 5 gorgeous recipes.

If you don’t love beets, well…what’s not to love? They’re perfect in markets right now, and at the peek of flavour. Don’t stress too much about size: if you’re buying them from the farmer, big beets can be just as sweet and tasty as their smaller tablemates. So long as they’ve got a firm and smooth texture, they’ll last a little longer too—the big beets won’t dry out as quickly.

1. Tuna and Beet Tartare

Simple and fresh, this dish is great paired with won tons or tortilla chips. Beet and Tuna Tartare 

2. Roasted Beet and Squash salad 

With arugula, goat cheese and candied pecans, this is the perfect, sturdy picnic salad.Beet and Squash Salad 

3. Beet and Straciatella Salad

You can substitute buffalo mozzarella or goat cheese for a still-tasty treat.Beet and Straciatella Salad 

4. Red Hot Beet and Watermelon salad

Is anything more summery than watermelon? Yes: watermelon and beets.Watermelon and beet salad 

5. Culina Borscht

From celebrated Edmonton chef Cindy Lazarenko, borscht is the most celebrated of the beet recipes.beet soup, recipe