When it’s miserable outside, tossed leafy greens and any kind of vinaigrette aren’t going to satisfy.

Hearty stews, soups, and heaping plates of meat and veg—these are what’s required when the temps dip and the winds howl.In lieu of your Nana’s war-time casserole recipe, here are 6 favourites from our WL Recipe Finder:

1. Boeuf Bourguignon

beef-bourguignonOur resident recipe guru Julie Van Rosendaal created this take on classic Boeuf Bourguignon to pair perfectly with the best Burgundy wines.

2. Pheasant Risotto

Pheasant-RisottoCan’t find a pheasant for this savoury medley? Chicken makes for a fine substitute.

3. Smoked Bratwurst with Warm German Potato Salad

Smoked-BratwurstWinter was made for wursts, so enjoy this smoked brat coupled perfectly with a warm veg salad from The Abbey’s Chef Andrey Durbach.

4. Lamb Shank with Parsnip Puree and Vegetables

Lamb-ShankWe continue our tour of the world’s delicious meats with a lamb dish that delivers on flavour, but requires only a few simple steps.

5. Seafood Gumbo

(Photo: Chris Granger.) There are a lot of gumbos out there, but this seafood variety comes straight from the source—New Orleans—and from one of the city’s best chefs: Chef Tory McPhail. Sure to warm you up even on the coldest Canadian days!

6. Shepherd’s Pie

shepherds pieWhat looks like industry-standard shepherd’s pie is actually a new contemporary recipe from Chef Julian Bond featuring surprises like baked Bosc pears.