Missed that day in Home Ec? Chef Brandon Dac gives us a crash course.

Even if you’re not planning on competing in a televised cooking series for viral fame and untold fortune, knowing how to break down a whole chicken into its thighs, breasts and wings is a worthwhile skill.For a crash course we teamed up with Boy With a Knife Catering‘s Chef Brandon Dac for an essential step-by-step demo on how to butcher a chicken in minutes. This includes the easiest way to get boneless chicken breasts, where to find chicken tenders and the best part to keep for soup stock.So grab a whole chicken, a big sharp knife and let’s do this!

Catch Chef Dac’s Knife Skills in Person

The chef will also be hosting a knife skills presentation at the Vancouver Home and Design Show with his partner Sean Fay on the Vancouver Magazine Cooking Stage Friday, October 23 at 6 p.m. at Vancouver Convention Centre West.