It just takes some hearty winter veggies, a handful of garlic… and a few dozen anchovies, of course.

The Italians know how to do up Christmas Eve dinner right, if this hearty dish of winter veggies smothered in garlic and cream (featuring a hit of umami courtesy of a tin or two of anchovies), is any indication.This is a pretty traditional dish in all aspects, mainly because it’s pretty much perfect already. As simple as it is, though, when it hits the table, it’s a real showstopper. This is a guideline as to the vegetables you can use, but ultimately, it’s up to you. The important thing is to cook each vegetable separately to make sure it’s done properly. It’s also nice to cut each type of vegetable a bit differently so the finished dish has a mix of textures and shapes. And make sure the cooked vegetables never see the fridge—they should be at room temperature.Get the recipe for Bagna Cauda here.Wintervegetables and bagna cauda-1

From True North by Derek Dammann and Chris Johns © 2015. Photography by Farah Khan. Published by Harper- Collins Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved.