Chef Angus An is everywhere these days: his original Kitsilano spot Maenam, his casual New Westminster location Longtail Kitchen and his Chinatown haunt, Fat Mao. But we snagged a great recipe from his newest venture: Freebird Chicken Shack.

You’ll likely know Chef Angus An from his unbeatable Thai restaurant, Maenam. (We here at Western Living once had a staff dinner there, which we still rave about three years later.) He’s since launched Fat Mao, a to-die-for noodle shop in Vancouver’s Chinatown, and more recently, Freebird Chicken Shack in New Westminster’s River Market (where he already runs Longtail Kitchen. He’s a busy guy). The lunch counter puts an Asian twist on rotisserie chicken, which means that alongside the beautifully prepared bird, you can expect sides like this one—a hot, sweet, spicy and sour Green Papaya Salad.It’s easier to make than you’d think—once you’ve got the ingredients, it’s just prep and mix—and the reward is a flavour punch to just about any meaty main. An shared the recipe over at our WL Recipe Finder—make it tonight, and share a snapshot with us on Instagram. Happy faces all ’round.FreebirdLongtail_PapayaSalad (1)