Garnish this fancy fish with a pinch of dried lemon verbena (you know, just for the halibut).

Alright, let’s get real for a second: who are you trying to impress? This isn’t your average one-pan salmon bake. There’s no microwave setting for perfectly poached fish. So, who is it? New neighbours? In-laws? An old friend from high school who got the lead in the school play when that part was obviously made for you?No matter the occasion, this poached halibut with escarole and oyster beurre blanc is your one-way ticket to dinner party success. Perfected by Chef Jack Chen of Coquille Fine Seafood, this sophisticated dish will have any guest swooning. Escarole is a slightly bitter, leafy green vegetable packed with vitamin A and iron (but hey, you totally knew that already). In this fishy creation, it’s grilled on the barbecue and dressed with lemon vinaigrette before resting atop the halibut, fresh out of a warm jacuzzi of fish stock, butter, and tarragon. Serve this up at your next event and everyone will know who the real star is.

Get the recipe for Chef Jack Chen’s Poached Halibut with Escarole and Oyster Beurre Blanc here.