Looking for a culinary challenge? This recipe is a tough one€”but it’s also a dinner party show-stopper.

From the stock, to the chorizo soffritto, to the paella itself, this isn’t a recipe you can whip up with what’s on hand, while half-watching an episode of Girls.This ingredient-heavy concoction from Boulevard executive chef Alex Chen is a labour of love, people.But get a look at the result:(Photo: Leila Kwok.) (Photo: Leila Kwok.)

RECIPE: Seafood Paella with Chorizo

If you like what you’re seeing, but prefer to stay out of the kitchen, Chen will be serving this dish as the main headliner of his new dinner series at Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar in Vancouver, every Sunday from now until the end of May.This special three-course Sunday Paella Series menu also features poached white asparagus salad and a Valencia orange-infused chocolate mousse—plus a welcome tipple of house-made Sangria greets you upon arrival.The event’s price tag is $49, and you can get tickets here.