Which makes for a pretty good excuse to make this paella recipe.

We aren’t 100-percent sure who comes up with all these national food holidays, but we’re on board. It’s always a welcome excuse to celebrate a dish or ingredient, or an inspiring suggestion to give meal planning for the week a little kick of excitement. So, no, we didn’t have any idea it was National Paella Day on March 27 until Liberado Wines told us so, but we’re not going to bother to fact-check. Any reason to whip up a big batch of wine-spiked paella is a good reason in our books.This recipe calls for a generous splash of Cabernet Sauvignon-Tempranillo, and plenty of chorizo, plus whatever other protein tickles your fancy. Get creative with it—that’s the spirit of National Paella Day, after all (we think)!

Get the Recipe for Red Wine Paella Here!