Even the most culinarily challenged among us can tackle this European Breakfast Board from On Boards: Simple & Inspiring Recipe Ideas to Share at Every Gathering.

There’s something about a good ol’ serving board that can immediately take a meal from basic to Martha Stewart material. Think about it: placing a few chunks of cheese and slices of cold cuts on a plain ceramic plate is passable, but arrange them artfully on some sort of handcrafted wood or marble board—maybe with a handful of cornichons and a dollop of artisan jam in the mix—and, suddenly, friends and fam are bestowing upon you the title of “host with the most.”That’s why Lisa Dawn Bolton’s On Boards: Simple & Inspiring Recipe Ideas to Share at Every Gathering is so genius: the B.C.–based food stylist offers more than 50 meal ideas—each presented beautifully on a serving board for maximum impact. There are recipes for tasty accompaniments like beet hummus, bourbon-bacon jam and chocolate salami, too, plus plentiful styling tips that will no doubt elevate even the simplest, most no-fuss of ingredients.Take the European Breakfast Board, which takes pantry staples like eggs, bread and cheese, and transforms them—with a little help from dukkah spice—into a meal worth showing off. Pair with a coffee and feel free to sleep in—even the most culinarily challenged can tackle this one.

Get the recipe for Lisa Dawn Bolton’s European Breakfast Board here.