Edmonton-based chef Shane Chartrand easily made our 2019 Foodies of the Year list, and continues to wow with his celebration of Indigenous cuisine. For a taste of his creativity, track down some bison, dust off the grill, and give this charcoal skirt steak recipe a try. (Note: Skirt steak is tough, so be careful when cooking to be quick €œon and off€ the grill.)

Charcoal Bison Skirt Steak with Dill Pickles and Sweet Red Mustard from Shane Chartrand Restaurant

1 kg bison skirt steak
3 long English cucumbers
6 oz red mustard seeds
4 bags charcoal
2 tbsp minced garlic
2 cups minced shallots
2 cups apple juice
4 cups apple cider vinegar, divided
4 cups wildflower honey
5 sprigs fresh dill
2 oz brown sugar
1 cup vegetable oil

Marinate the skirt steak in apple juice, minced garlic and shallot. Season with salt and pepper. Let sit for 24 to 36 hours.

Combine 2 cups apple cider vinegar with honey and fresh dill in a pot, and cook to reduce to half. Set aside.

Take cucumbers and carefully slice to sweet pickle thickness, then submerge in the pickling liquid and gently simmer for about 5 minutes, no longer.

Take cucumbers out of liquid and cool in the refrigerator. Be sure some of the liquid is still on the pickles.

Rinse red mustard seeds well, then add to a small pot. Add remaining 2 cups of cider vinegar, brown sugar and 2 oz of water and cook on medium heat until tender. (Add extra water if it gets a bit dry.) Cool.

Take out the skirt steak and slice into long strips against the grain. Heat up a charcoal grill (or use an open fire in an outside pit with charcoal) and cook quickly to caramelize the outside. Serve on a platter with mustard and pickles piled on top.

Serves 4.

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