Step up morning omelettes with a side of portobello €œbacon€ strips.

There was a time when meat eaters were as protective of barbecued pork and sirloin steaks as they were of their own children—“My meat? I couldn’t possibly give it up!” A lot has changed in the 10-plus years since acclaimed New York Times food writer Mark Bittman released How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Vegan dining, not just vegetarianism, has gone beyond mainstream, and with this push for balanced, plant-forward meals comes the timely re-release of Bittman’s quintessential tome. Now in full colour, the 10th-anniversary edition (enter to win a copy here!) features updates and variations on his 1,000-plus recipes, including new plant-based dishes, DIY nut butters, vegan cheeses, juices and more, along with helpful substitutions and techniques. His portobello “bacon” isn’t meant to fool meat eaters, but serves as another great way to enjoy fresh veg.

Get the recipe for Mark Bittman’s Portobello ‘Bacon’ here.