The unsung heroes of so many meals.

Oh fries. So loved yet so under-appreciated—and always forced to stay on the sidelines. But sometimes they deserve to be the star of the show, so we scoured the WL Recipe Finder to bring you three unique takes on everyone’s favourite side dish. Potato wedges on cutting board.

1. Oven Fries

You can’t go wrong with a classic. This recipe from WL contributor Julie Van Rosendaal takes us back to the basics, using only fingerling potatoes, oil and salt. Feel free to spice them up with some rosemary, thyme or anything else you have growing in the garden.Garlic parmesan fries on baking sheet.

2. Garlic-Parmesan Fries

If you’re looking for something with a little more flavour, this recipe (also from Van Rosendaal) is for you. These fries are tossed in garlic-infused oil and sprinkled with parmesan halfway through the baking process (this helps prevent the garlic from burning). If you’re a cheese lover, be sure to sprinkle some extra parmesan on top before serving.Green bean fries in cone-shaped cup.

3. Green Bean Fries

Your new favourite guilt-free snack is here! Julie Cove‘s recipe from the book Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better is sure to fulfil your cravings—green beans coated in almond flour “parmesan” are the perfect substitute to classic potatoes.