These gourmet treats are a one-size-fits-all gift that makes holiday giving a breeze.

This year we’re treating friends and family to gifts made with love (and chocolate, and caramel, and Sriracha!). Trust us, they’ll love it.

Sriracha Caramel Corn

Sriracha adds a new dimension to sweet, buttery caramel corn, giving it a spicy kick—it’s perfect for gifting, makes a great party nibble, and can be packed along for a skate or ski trip.

How to Style It:

These popcorn clusters look beyond luxe displayed in decorative metallic bowls and are a snap to gift wrap—you can package them in cellophane bags, glitzy novelty boxes or foldable take-out containers. (From left to right: Brass triangle tray ($45), nineteenten.caHammered Mattie bowl ($375), anthropologie.comStainless steel gold snack bowls (from $23),

Cardamom Sablés

Sweet, buttery sablés are similar to shortbread, made slightly sturdier by the addition of egg yolk. Think of them as a blank canvas—cardamom adds a subtle floral flavour, but you could add citrus zest, dried or chopped candied ginger, roughly chopped nuts or chocolate instead—or swap ½ cup of the flour for cocoa to make chocolate sablés.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Blocks

Chocolate blocks are a step easier than truffles—a little like homemade two-bite chocolate bars. You could add chopped toasted nuts, coconut and/or dried fruit in place of the pretzels, but their crunch and salt make the chocolate-peanut butter combo irresistible.

Rosemary Sugar

Flavoured sugars are ridiculously fast and easy, and make a tasty, thoughtful gift when packaged in a vintage jar or glass sugar shaker.

Hot Sauce with Cranberries

This brilliant red hot sauce is simple to make using any variety of fresh chili peppers, keeping in mind that they vary in terms of heat level—the peppers you choose will determine how hot the resulting sauce will be. Fresh cranberries take the edge off, lending a subtle tang and boosting colour.

Make It Personal!

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