Balance sweet and savoury with these post-dinner delights.

As a kid, I was taught a trick to be able to spell dessert and desert correctly: dessert has two S’s because you always want to have dessert twice. Tragically, we get older and our love of desserts becomes outlawed by the low-sugar, weight-watching restrictions that adult life seems to be synonymous with. Yet anyone who’s found themselves craving a little something sugary after a savoury meal knows that our need for sweetness is basically written in our genetic make-up. We’re not going to fight against biology here, so we’ve compiled some of our favourite dessert recipes to help you keep that delicate balance of sweet and savoury.

Pretty in Pink

I scream, you scream, we all scream for this pink Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream. Easy to make and even easier to eat, this ice cream will be a classic after-dinner treat. You can freeze the mixture for up to six months so you know you’ve always got a back up dessert option whenever you need it.

French Crunch

Created by celebrated chef Christopher Janik, this French-rooted delicacy is the sophisticated answer to a great dessert. Woo your guests with the Chocolate Banana Croquant at your next dinner party

Ginger and Chai

Add a touch of spice to your dessert with this light and easy-to-make Double Chai Ginger Log. Sure to warm up your inside while giving your tastebuds a gentle kick, save this recipe for a cold night.

Hot Cross Legumes and Buns

You don’t have to wait until Easter to try out this recipe for Pull-Apart Hot Cross Buns. Though optional, try adding some potato flakes for a unique twist.

Mezcal-icious Cake

Mezcal and dessert: arguably two of the best things on this planet. Smokey, moist, and unlike anything you’ve tried before, this eclectic Grapefruit, Mezcal, and Burnt Honey Cake recipe will stay on your mind long after you’ve finished it.