Sandwiches are great, but Julie Van Rosendaal has a lighter take on how to turn turkey into a great lunch.

Our contributing editor, Julie Van Rosendaal, regularly showcases her favourite recipes over at Dinner With Julie. She’s shared with us one of her favourite uses for turkey, post the big meal.Those of you who have spent some time here (thank you!) know that I am prone to making recipes just because I love their names. (Case in point: this is really just a cake, but don’t you just want to make it immediately?) I’m not sure what ‘bang bang’ means in this case; it’s not that I actually want to off the turkey. (Except maybe I do. Enough already.)bang-bang-turkey-3-585x405I’m a (big) fan of the turkey sandwich, on homemade buttered bread with cranberry sauce, but by this time in the program any turkey I have lingering in my fridge or freezer I’d rather not resemble the original meal, thank you. Also, I’m about ready for a break from bread and cheese, and maybe a big, crunchy salad – so long as it’s one with personality, and dousing it in peanut sauce with a bit of a chili kick instead of dressing can’t hurt.bang-bang-turkey-2-585x878I didn’t stray much from the original, but this salad would take on other veggies well – peas, carrots, radishes – and I doubt anyone would notice if you made bang bang chicken.Find the recipe for Bang Bang Turkey in our WL Recipe Finder, or at Dinner with Julie.