It’s the perfect middle ground for fruit fans and sweet tooths alike.

It’s not many parents who would turn their kid’s obsession with fruit into an opportunity to bake a cake. But if you happen to be a dessert queen always looking for your next source of sweet inspiration, you might not be able to resist the muse of a blueberry-loving toddler.

Or at least that’s the situation that befell Vancouver cake queen Tessa Huff as she prepped her second cookbook, Icing on the Cake. “If it were up to my son, he’d survive on blueberries alone,” she laughs, “so I knew I had to include a blueberry cake in the book just for him.”

The result is this dreamy Blueberry Galaxy Cake, which features a lemon poppy-seed base covered in vanilla and blueberry buttercream and mesmerizing watercolour frosting—the perfect middle ground for fruit fans and sweet-tooth moms alike.

Blueberry Galaxy Cake

The watercolour effect here is achieved via gel food colouring and some clever spatula work—modern, colourful and way easier than frosting roses.