Discover the lengths our food-obsessed writers will go for one perfect bite.

In the past few years, the idea of a foodie vacation has gone from niche to mainstream. Trips to New York are arranged around snagging dinner reservations at 11 Madison Park. In Chicago, it’s Alinea, Noma Mexico in Tulum. So we’ve gathered some of our food-obsessed writers to recount their tales of far-flung gastronomy to help you plan your next excursion.

1. A Homemade Meal in Beirut, Lebanon

A romantic journey for food in Lebanon’s beautiful capital.

✈️ Edmonton to Beirut, Lebanon

Distance: 9,848 kmTravel Time: 18 hrs, 20 mins

2. The World’s Best in Lima, Peru

The capital of Peru makes its case for the foodiest city on the planet.

✈️ Vancouver to Lima, Peru

Distance: 8,165 kmTravel Time: 12 hrs, 56 mins

3. Fresh and Local Fare in Washington

If the Willows Inn were in any metropolitan centre it would be a house-hold name and have a month-long wait list. But chef Blaine Wetzel’s homage to all things regional isn’t in Seattle, it’s on Lummi Island, the neglected stepchild of the San Juans that just happens to be the perfect microcosm for Wetzel to create the most locavore menu you’ll ever have.

✈️ Vancouver to Lummi Island, W.A.

Distance: 100 kmTravel Time: 2 hrs, 16 mins

4. An Unforgettable Iced Coffee in Ontario

You always remember your first Iced Eddie.

✈️ North Vancouver to Paisley, Ontario

Distance: 3,193 kmTravel Time: 6 hrs, 49 mins (4:22 flight, 2:27 drive)

5. Diner Classics in Boston Bar

Truth? You’ll pass easily a half dozen restaurants that are better than Fat Jack’s on your drive to Fat Jack’s, but those temples of urban fanciness get trounced by the setting, the honesty and the sheer surprise of chef Todd Baiden’s take on a roadside diner. The classics are all here—short stack of pancakes, turkey club—but Baiden cut his teeth running the lauded underground restaurant 12b in Vancouver, so everything is four notches better than you’d expect.

✈️ Vancouver to Boston Bar

Distance: 216 kmTravel Time: 2 hrs, 33 mins

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