Beaucoup Bakery, Beta5, Faubourg and more have come up with special Easter pastries and chocolates sure to please.

The best part of a holiday (IMO) is always the food. And in the case of Easter, the fabulous, fabulous sweets! Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite treats that are coming out especially for Easter:Beaucoup Hot Cross Buns

1. Beaucoup Bakery’s Hot Cross Buns

If you like a classic, you’ll love Beaucoup Bakery‘s hot cross buns ($2.85 per bun). They’re great for dessert, or a pre-dinner snack—just be sure to serve them hot and fresh. They are made with a buttery brioche recipe with candied lemon and orange peel, currants and a little spice—available now until Easter Sunday.Chez Christophe Chocolate Sculptures

2. Chez Christophe’s Chocolate Sculptures

If you want wow-factor, pick up one of these too-pretty-to-eat chocolate sculptures from Chez Christophe (from $19.95). Made with award-winning Swiss carma chocolate, these treats (or works of art, whichever you prefer) hit the market March 16.

Faubourg Paris-Brest

3. Faubourg’s Paris-Brest

Caramel chocolate lovers, here is an Easter treat just for you. Faubourg‘s Paris-Brest ($5.60) is filled with a salted caramel mousse and crunchy chocolate pearls. And that cute bunny tush on top, which will surely attract some attention, is made with delicious vanilla cream.Beta5 Chocolates Hip Hoppin' Bunny1

4. Beta5’s Hip Hoppin’ Bunny

The hip hoppin’ bunny ($30) from Beta5 is half chocolate and half art. The layered look is created with white, blonde, milk and dark chocolate over a 46% milk or 66% dark chocolate base crafted exclusively for Beta5.Williams Sonoma Eggs

5. Williams Sonoma’s Quail and Robin Chocolate Eggs

Egg-shaped treats are a classic for Easter, and the assorted quail and robin chocolate eggs ($39.95) from Williams-Sonoma are perfect for a holiday treat, or to decorate the table. The white quail eggs are filled with a hazelnut ganache, and the blue robin’s eggs are soft, buttery caramel.