In the middle of the vast Canadian Prairies rests a 16,000-ton boulder. To call it an anomaly is an understatement. It stands as a timeless contrast to the surrounding landscape. It’s bold. It’s out of place. It’s somewhat of an impossibility.

No wonder this peculiar landmark inspired the name Big Rock in 1985. As the daring dream of founder Ed McNally, this upstart brewery contradicted the day’s beer trends with three bold, flavourful European-inspired offerings: Bitter, Porter and Traditional Ale. And there it was. At a time heavy on easy-drinking lagers and light on flavour, a craft beer industry was born.
Today, Big Rock remains unique among brewers. They are a rare combination of microbrewery artisanship and big-brewery consistency. With breweries in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto (Etobicoke), they offer ten signature beers, ongoing seasonals, four ciders and custom-crafted private label products to beer-lovers across the country.

They’ve been at the forefront of the craft beer revolution, finding innovative ways to carry forward established brewing traditions. They also proudly support smaller brewers by sharing resources and knowledge. They believe today, as Ed McNally believed in 1985, that to raise one glass is to raise an entire industry.

So, here’s to being handcrafted in a high-volume world. To better beer for Canadians every day, everywhere. Here’s to an anomaly.

Big Rock Brewery Craft for All

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