Up Jus brings unique flavours and extra benefits to Vancouver’s cold-pressed juice scene.

Having never tried cold-pressed juice, I wasn’t sure what to expect when walking into Up Jus’s hip Yaletown storefront, but co-owners Anthony Lewis and Lam Luong immediately made me feel welcome—and eager to try everything from their veggie-filled greens to detoxifying tonics.Lewis and Luong have been making juices since 2013, selling them online, at pop-up shops and through select retailers. “It was nice to get out there and for people to get to know us,” says Lewis, but the pair is happy to have a permanent location.While several juice bars have started to crop up all over Vancouver, Up Jus brings something new to the table with ingredients unique to Luong’s Vietnamese heritage: think mung bean, pandan leaf and lotus seed. “He brings modern flavours to traditional recipes,” says Lewis as he tells of customers who marvel at Luong’s ability to transform Daisy Water from an ancient remedy into a delicious beverage.Up Jus- 1 Lewis and Lam decided to ease me into the pressed-juice experience, starting with their Green Gulp (a mix of grape, cucumber, apple and kale) and Almond Mylk before trying their more adventurous varieties like the Charcoal Lemonade (made with alkaline water, lemon, raw honey, chia seeds and activated charcoal), which despite its dark colour was more refreshing than the sugar-filled varieties I’m used to.Aside from their bold choice of ingredients, Lewis and Lam also work hard to create juices that aid digestion, boost metabolism and deliver a handful of other health benefits. “We did a lot of research to learn about how cold-pressed juices help your body from the inside out,” says Lewis, including working with skincare and naturopathy experts. With the help of Amanda Beisel at SKN, Up Jus also develops a monthly recipe that targets a specific skin problem. This month’s recipe—made with black kale, goji berries, and ginseng—fights aging.Up Jus, #108-1058 Mainland St., Vancouver. See upjus.com to check out their menu. Juices can be purchased individually, but cleanses are also available (and can be delivered straight to your door).