We asked, chefs answered.

Professional chefs are at the top of the food chain when it comes to expert eaters, so we jumped at the chance to pick their brains on where they love to go when they’re not behind the grill at their own restaurants. We posed this question to a selection of local culinary artists: What is the best meal you’ve had in the past six months? Here’s what they said. Inside JC Poirier’s St. Lawrence in Vancouver. (Photo: Luis Valdizon)”St. Lawrence. It was a night where everything was on point: the food, the drinks and the company.”—Adam Perrier, Chef, Café Medina“The most recent meal I had at L’Abattoir with a group of colleagues was pretty amazing in every way. From the spirits to the ambience and wait staff and, of course, the perfectly cooked menu. I started with Baked Pacific Oysters with whipped garlic butter and fresh truffles—very decadent, and what a great flavour combination. Then I leaned across the table and tried the Crispy Pacific Octopus with shaved kohlrabi, hints of lemon grass and fermented chili. For the main course, I had the Lamb Sirloin cooked spot-on medium rare, with parsley, root vegetable, tender sweet breads and a reduction infused with mustard—it was delicious. The vanilla bourbon Smoked Maple Butter Tart was the perfect ending. Thank you again L’Abattoir for the most memorable evening.”—Dave Bell, Executive Chef, Truffles Fine Foods In addition to Thai-inspired fish and chips, Bob Likes Thai Food also serves up authentic, home-style pad thai and curries. (Photo: Page & Paper.)”Bob Likes Thai Food on Broadway, the Bob’s Fish and Chips is a really cool dish. It is crispy fried ling cod with a rice wine vinaigrette, Thai chilies, peanuts, basil and crispy rice croquettes. So good!”—Jason Labahn, Executive Chef, Honey Salt“I recently visited the Pear Tree with my wife and I really enjoyed the Lobster Cappuccino.”—Alex Chen, Executive Chef, Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar Just an example of the type of food on the menu at Mak N Ming—that isn’t a pasta noodle, but cooked egg cut into ribbons. (Photo: Andrew Querner)”For me, Mak N Ming is easily hands down the best meal and experience that I have had in a long time. From the food to the service, it was spot-on. There is something to say about a small team dynamic, in this case it’s pretty soigné.”—Lukas Gurtner, Executive Chef, Sonora ResortOakwood Canadian Bistro, relaxed atmosphere, craft cocktails, excellent service oh and the FOOD!”—Mark Crofton, Executive Chef, Dockside Restaurant/Granville Island HotelNightingale in Vancouver. David Hawksworth had us sit at the chef’s table right across the kitchen. Being able to watch Chef Phil and his team in action was priceless. The food is simple, the ingredients used are top notch, the service is outstanding. I get inspired by watching fellow chefs at our craft, the energy and effort that goes into their food, it’s like an orchestra where everybody has to play their part in order to make it a memorable guest experience.”—Wolfgang Sterr, Executive Chef, Vail Resorts’ Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia“The chef’s tasting menu at Savio Volpe because every dish was executed incredibly well and everything was just the right amount of simple.”—Sam Fabbro, Executive Chef, El Santo