Olivia Newton-John passed away this week ,and its tough to find an actor who’s garnered more warm feelings from the multiple generations who grew up watching her star turn in Grease (we will, for this week, not discuss extremely problematic themes contained in that seminal musical, save to say the songs have aged much better than the cringe-inducing message about changing ones entire persona for a boy). So in honour of Dame Newton-John we present 3 bottles from her homeland that channel all that was great about her throughout her career.

Yalumba Y Viognier to toast young Sandy in Grease

The Bottle: Yalumba Y Viognier, $17
The Role: Young Sandy in Grease

I mean, this one is a no-brainer. Yalumba is the worldwide king of Viognier, and this wine embraces you with enticing florals and honeysuckle just like Sandy does on that first day of school at Rydell High. And while the Rizzos of this world may find Viognier too cloying, Yalumba’s take dials back sweetness in favour of a more fresh, doe-eyed disposition. Also paying $17 makes you feel like you’re back in the fifties as well. Winner.

Pewsey Vale Riesling symbolizing leather-clad Sandy in Grease, in honour of Olivia Newton John

The Bottle: Pewsey Vale Riesling, $22
The Role: Leather-Clad Sandy in Grease

Sure, there’s still parts of the old Sandy: there’s still some light jasmine on the nose and maybe some enticing citrus peel, but the jolt of acidity on the palate tells you that something has definitely changed with our pony-tailed Aussie exchange student. And then there’s the weirdly enticing smell of petrol, like Kenikie is revving the engine on his Chevy. The entire package.

Penfolds Bin 311 to honour Olivia Newton-John's life.


The Bottle: Penfolds Bin 311, $50
The Role: This video

This is the video that Olivia sent out to her fans this Christmas, and even though she was not well she took the time to think of others and send positive vides out into the universe. I mean, c’mon. A class act like that needs a wine that is equally impressive and Penfolds Bin 311 fits the bill perfectly. It has so many facets—it’s fresh but deep and has a serious texture that delivers waves of fresh fruit—pomelo and peaches—and a finish that goes on and on. An elegant wine for an elegant person.