Uhm…we’ll take a case.

Alianca Vinho Verde $9I’m not really pushing the envelope by telling you that Portugal’s Vinho Verde is a damn near perfect summer wine. It’s super-low in alcohol (often under 10%) which is good for sitting in the sun; it has vibrant, racy acidity, which is good for eating with everything from peanuts to shellfish; and it often has a touch of frizzante, or a light dusting of bubbles halfway between a still and sparkling wine.And it’s cheap like borscht. But it’s not usually $8.95 cheap. And this li’l sports car checks all the boxes: it’s only 10%, it has a solid notes of citrus, a little note of citrus pith and just a hair of residual sweetness to keep it from being crazy austere. And it’s $9. Seriously, I think you should try showing up at your next dinner party with three of these as a hostess gift and watch everyone swoon (and you’ve spent all of $27).PS: a bonus little tip from or pal and wine educator DJ Kearney. It’s pronounced “vee-nyo vaird,” not “vee-no vaird-ay.” So now you know.