Western Canada has something special to look forward to this spring as Mionetto launches its new Prosecco Rosé in BC and Alberta just in time for summer

Choosing the perfect refreshing beverage for enjoying warm, summer evenings at home this summer has never been easier, because Italian wine producer Mionetto has brought prosecco lovers in Western Canada something special to look forward to.

Following Prosecco Rosé's approval by the Italian government, Mionetto's delightful blend offers refreshing notes of red berries and grapefruit with elegant fine bubbles that will undoubtedly become the perfect pairing with a light brunch€”think about aperitifs, finger food, shellfish, sushi or seafood risotto.

Prosecco Rosé DOC brings two grape varieties together€”Glera and Pinot Noir€”and is vinified as red wine but is oh-so much more.

€œIt is a sparkling wine that combines Prosecco DOC freshness with elegant aromas intensified by the long yeast fining that takes place for 60 days in autoclave,€ says Alessio Del Savio, Mionetto SPA. €œThe result is a premium and high-quality product featuring a delicate yet modern character. This winning combination allows Prosecco Rosé DOC to interpret the trendiest side of Mionetto style.€

Prosecco Rosé DOC boasts an evocative yet light pink colour inspired by peach flowers. It announces its taste and smell with a fruity bouquet with clear notes of grapefruit and red berries, and its long maturation generates enveloping honey and bread crust aromas.

€œMionetto produces exceptional wines with consistent national and international acclaim, establishing its reputation for quality, tradition and innovation, producing in the heart of the Prosecco region,€ says Del Savio. €œIt has always been a modern and innovative winery able to anticipate trends while maintaining a strong bond with the traditions of its homeland, a feature which still today sets it apart from other sparkling wine producers.€

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