Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving Zweigelt? (That’s the name of the grape, by the way.)

Mt. Boucherie Zweigelt 2010 $17Pinot goes well with Turkey, but you knew that. Gamay goes well with turkey, and you probably knew that. Apothic Dark does not goes that well with turkey, and deep down you probably knew that too. Zweigelt, on the other, I bet you weren’t thinking of, mostly because I think there are a grand total of two Zweigelts for sale in British Columbia. One is from Austria, where they love the grape, and it has a cool label and is a great deal at $17. The other  is every bit as good (it might be better, but as I haven’t tasted them side by side, let’s call it a tie) and is the same price and is made that the purists at Mt Boucherie. It’s a juicy wine and it’s quite a tart wine (that’s the part by the way that makes it good with not just turkey, but most food) in the way that cranberries and raspberries are. It’s a delicious wine at a crazy low price and that’s something to give thanks for. So skip that bottle of Pinot and show up with two of these (or this and its Austrian pal if you wish) and people will talk about you as being a person of substance.summit-reserve-zweigelt-2007