Imagine you had an allegedly unlimited expense account€”which wine would you buy?

The bombshell report that hit the BC Legislature last week was chockfull of salacious allegations about overspending. There were bespoke suits in London, digital subscriptions to Palm Springs Life and some very pricey mustards.Oh, yes, and a $13,000 wood splitter.But a deep dive into all the items turned up my fave gem: $1,630 for 48 bottles of wine and one branded two-bottle box from the Painted Rock Estate Winery in Penticton on November 9, 2017. It’s unclear whether all the wine is from Painted Rock or just the two-bottle box, but 48 x $35 (the price of Painted Rock’s excellent Merlot) adds up to $1,680. And assuming they received a case discount….So while all these allegations have yet to be proven, I’ll say this: whoever bought those bottles has very commendable taste in wine.