Forget what the wine snobs told you: fruit bombs aren’t all bad.

As our resident wine guru Neal McLennan explains it, a fruit bomb is the red-hot corvette of wines—”it’s a really big, masculine, over-the-top sort of wine”—that often gets a bad rap.These are always reds, usually new world, and typically hail from Australia or Napa, emphasizing a huge fruit profile at the cost of everything else (like balance). Their big flavours mean they don’t generally go well with food.Aussie shiraz is the number one example, and California cabs are often painted with the fruit bomb brush. When you call a wine a fruit bomb, however, it’s not always a bad thing—most people love fruit bombs. If you’re looking to try one of our Food and Travel Editor’s favourites, he recommends going with a Mollydooker from Australia. They’re huge, massive wines, but equally great.To try: Mollydooker Shiraz – The Boxer $30.99mollydooker2-web