Listen, if you get right down to it, We are all just prisoners of our own device, but that’s no reason to steer away from the pink Champagne. In fact if you’re looking for the one wine that can go with anything on your Thanksgiving table€”gravy, peas or turkey€”you’d be hard-pressed to beat the rosé bubbles. And here are three€”in varying degrees of thankfulness€”that will perform admirably this weekend.

Ruinart Brut Rose $103

How I love this wine€”the tiny concentrated bubbles, the raspberry, the hint of candied ginger but with enough acidity to be just about the perfect foil to a Thanksgiving dinner. At 55% Pinot Noir, and %Chardonnay, It's just so galldarn elegant and light on its feet. To me Ruinart always signifies someone who follows their own path€”somewhere between the nerdy grower's Champagne and the mass-market appeal of Veuve. It’s got the swagger of the prestige label like Cristal, at around half the price.

Sperling Brut Rose 2013 $42
Please let me tell you what a bargain this wine is. I know $42 doesn't seem cheap, but factor in that this 100% Pinot Noir wine is made in the exact same manner€”methode traditionale€”as the Ruinart, and after making it Sperling sits on it for five years to the let the flavours to meld. The result is a wine both fresh and toasty and with a dry finish that will stand up to any richness in your dinner. If this wine said Champagne on it, it would be $225.

Cantina di Soliera Lambrusco di Sorbara $19

Honestly, close your eyes and pick a Lambrusco and you've a winner come Thanksgiving (just make sure It's over $14). The bubbly red from Italy is having a major renaissance thanks to its ample fruit, low alcohol and its ability to cozy up to most dishes with complementary ease. I chose this one because It's more on the pink than the red spectrum and it has a touch or residual sweetness that sets it apart from the two bone-dryers above. Two bottles of this under your arm and you've a certified rockstar.