Thanks, Olivia Pope, for making it cool to drink red wine in your comfies.

There are a few things that make Scandal the guilty pleasure that it is for me every Thursday night. It’s definitely not the will-they-or-won’t-they relationship of Fitz and Olivia (he’s terrible for you Liv, move on) or the strangely Charlton-Heston-by-way-of-Soylent-Green-esque delivery of everyone’s monologues (or come to think of it, maybe it is). It has nailed cliffhanger (what will happen to poor Jake?), and in my case, made drinking a glass of red wine in your comfy clothes de rigueur for a Thursday night (thanks Liv!). Olivia Pope’s a woman of style, so she drinks her reds (and always reds) from Crate and Barrel’s long stemmed, big bubble bowl Camille glasses. They’re possibly a bit top heavy, but if Olivia can manage it in her nearly all-white outfits, I’m confident I can too. (Go team Jake.)Camille 23 oz wine glass, $14.95, available at Crate and Barrel, oliviapope