The catch? It’s only for our Alberta readers….er, yay?

Advent calendars filled with chocolate are so last year. Instead give the people on your list the Twelve Nights of Wine Box ($129). Launched in 2016 in the U.S. it was an instant favourite with serious oenophiles and those new to the grape, selling out in weeks—and now it’s available here (and by here we mean only Calgary— Richmond Hill Wines, Vine Arts, Kensington Wine Market and Market Wines).Consisting of twelve pours, bottled in separate 100 ml. tubes, or vials, and labeled with each winery’s graphic, it’s a clever way to try before you buy while counting down the days before Christmas. Containing a mix of reds and whites (with a rosé thrown in) from Italy, Spain, and France, the pours include everything from a light bodied Muscadet, to a full-bodied Bordeaux. And because it’s packaged in a closed-nitrogen environment, there’s no chance of contamination by oxygen and the wines will evidently last up the three years. According to Devan Decksheimer, Sales Director at Richmond Hill Wines, “it’s a great gift for the both the serious wine drinker and someone who knows nothing about wine. What drew me to the product is that you can learn as you go as tasting notes are attached. You don’t need to commit to an entire bottle and the quality is there.”Naughty or nice it’s the perfect gift to celebrate the season or simply help you make it through it.