“The concept in this heritage Kitsilano home was to create a space that was light, natural and soft,” says the Vancouver-based Sophie Burke of Sophie Burke Design. “But we also wanted a modern take on the traditional.”

Sophie Burke Bathroom“We chose an above-counter sink to help emphasize the idea of the vanity itself being a piece of furniture that the sink sits on, not in,” says interior designer Sophie Burke. Photo by Gillian Stevens.

Instead of opting for a typical beachy beadboard, Burke chose wider plank panelling with a clean chair rail that offers a contemporary spin. Softly patterned wallpaper—chosen for its organic quality—lends a dreamy calm. In lieu of built-in millwork, the vanity sits exposed and airy: “We wanted something that looked like a piece of furniture instead,” explains Burke.

Sophie Burke Bathroom 3Gillian Stevens

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