The most underrated room in the house gets its time to shine.

When talking about the most important room in the house, people are quick to chime in with bedrooms or kitchens, but if you’ve ever chugged two large 7-Eleven slurpees in the short span of an hour or so, then you’ll probably agree with me when I say nothing tops the bathroom. According to Infogram, the average person spends a year and a half of their life in the bathroom. When you invest that much time in anything, you want it to look good. Here are five stylish and colourful bathrooms from our archives that are hitting all the right notes. (Photo Credit: Megan Taylor)

1. Tickled Pink

Designed by London design firm 2LG Studio, this vintage, pretty-in-pink bathroom is bringing the ’50s back with white accents weaved through soft and subtle doses of rose-coloured towels and tiles; but the most gawk-worthy is the blushing bathtub. (Photo credit: Lucas Finlay)

2. Sun-Kissed Yellow

This New Westminster residence got a Falken Reynolds Interiors make-over, complete with a bright and swanky colour combination of white, black, and yellow. Natural light that bounces off the glass shower panel brings a sense of playfulness into this quirky room. (Photo Credit: Ema Peter)

3. Blue Ribbon

Another bathroom by Falken Reynolds Interiors shows off unique teal tiles in the shower against crisp white walls. Featuring glass doors and sleek metal finishes, the room is nothing short of an Instagram-modern design. (Photo Credit: Jo-Ann Richards)

4. Worth Its Weight In Gold

A bathroom fit for a queen is just what you’ll find in a heritage home designed by Vancouver’s Stephanie Brown. Jerusalem gold limestone wall and floor tiles work with a solid white bathtub and dark oak table to create a beautiful Victorian-era home. (Photo Credit: Ema Peter)

5. Emerald City

Measured Architecture’s angular bathroom design makes use of emerald green tiles, infused with clean white grout lines that pop out. Marble sinks and brassy taps echo the illusion of space cast by the cut-to-fit mirrors.