Finding the perfect combination of comfort, style and functionality is important. We consulted an expert team on the upcoming bathroom trends for 2019.

We spend a lot of time in bathrooms, whether it’s relaxing in tubs, frantically getting ready for work, or channeling our inner Alicia Keys vocals in the shower. Finding the perfect combination of comfort, style and functionality in our bathroom decor is an important feat. How are designers navigating this delicate balance in 2019? We consulted an expert team for their take on the upcoming bathroom trends for this year.

A New Way to Get Clean

Showering will be an elevated experience in 2019 with larger and more open shower spaces taking over standard tubs, according to Elle H-Millard from the National Kitchen and Bath Association. The two-person shower will break into 2019 bathrooms, as well as toxin-releasing steam showers. Wet rooms, too, will be a popular option. These rooms are the epitome of luxury, featuring soaking tubs, floating toilets, floating vanities and large showers.Demands for healthier and more environmentally friendly products will see a rise in bidet seats too. The European trend is gaining more popularity in North America, says H-Millard. Squeaky clean and environmentally friendly, win-win.

A Little Old, a Little New

Cabinetry will see a turn to the past in 2019 with vintage looks like oak coming back into style, says Jamie Banfield of Jamie Banfield Design. However, he notes, adding a modern twist on classic designs is fast becoming a popular trend. Expect to see old and new elements converge, like vintage cabinetry finished with a high gloss black or a matte pink. Local millwork aficionados The Banfield, sister company to Banfield Designs, creates such on-trend designs.

Spread the Warmth

Warm colour palettes will make a comeback in 2019, according to Pfister Faucets. While chrome retreats into the shadows, brass and gold will step into the spotlight for bathroom finishes. Adding warm tone finishes incorporate that touch of ‘cozy’ while keeping things on trend. Banfield also adds that while warm tones will dominate in 2019, cooler colours like blue or purple will be popular choices for tiles to add a nice balance.

Back to Black

Warm tones will dominate 2019 bathrooms, but black hardly seems out of style. Matte blacks in particular will stay firmly on trend, says Pfister. Luxury markets in 2019 will embrace black, H-Millard confirms, noting that matte black faucets and sinks have even been seen in NBKA’s Design Competition.

Industrial Edge

Industrial hardware design trends like exposed pipes and metallic touches can give smaller spaces loads of dimension, according to Pfister. Those in smaller living spaces will find that more industrial-influenced elements will open up that space greatly. To soften things up, adding natural elements like a plant piece will bring a dose of serenity to the atmosphere.

Bring the Outside In

Incorporating natural elements like greenery and wood will create a natural feel. As we make more environmentally-conscious choices, choosing natural elements instead of disposable plastics will become the trend in 2019, says Pfister.For those on a budget, porcelain is becoming a popular choice fast. Banfield claims that porcelain is getting “super sexy.” As manufacturers become adept at creating some seriously convincing faux-stone tiles out of porcelain, more consumers are opting for this substitute. Porcelain’s clay-based material makes it a cost-effective option for wet environments, as it won’t stain or crack over time.


Technology has changed how we do pretty much everything, including the way we design our bathrooms. Pfister foresees a lot more digital incorporations into the bathroom. From personalized shower settings to smart mirrors, our bathroom experience in 2019 will be guided by technology. Banfield views the increase of technology in our bathrooms as a way to personalize the experience, citing His and Her shower settings as an example. He suggests Kohler for all smart bathroom purchases.Voice activated technology within the bathroom is fast becoming a norm for those planning on growing old in their current homes, says H-Millard. 2019 will see cool-but-important new features such as personalized lighting and smart toilets that analyze your, ahem, waste. Nice to know your toilet’s got a vested interest in your health.