Every year for our Bathrooms issue, we search high and low for the best in the West, and our local designers deliver. They also offer tried-and-true advice for those of us who are looking to refresh our own spaces. Whatever your style—dark and moody, floral and fun, sleek and functional—we’ve got the inspo right here.

1. Moody and Majestic

The high-gloss millwork on this bathroom by Marrimor is baroque and beautiful.

2. Unique Utility

Round elements in this space by Sophie Burke Interiors keep a pool change room from looking too utilitarian.

3. Simple Serenity

You know what they say—don’t knock it till you tile it. A gorgeous tile in this bathroom by Mitchell Design House speaks for itself.

4. Cabinet Statement

The classic all-white bathroom gets a showstopper vanity in this bathroom by Kelly Deck Design.

5. Colour Balance

Amy McKay of Pure Design kept this colourful bathroom out of circus territory by using neutral accents.

6. Have Your Cake

We can’t get over the unique inspiration for this bathroom by Rudy Winston Design—it was a picture of a layered cake decorated with flowers.

7. Mirror Image

This bathroom from Beyond Beige Interior Design was blessed in length and height, but not width. They solved the problem with clever use of mirrors and glass.

8. Wonder Wall

Wallpaper wasn’t an option for this bathroom by Alykhan Velji Designs, so they picked a hardy tile that was just as exciting.