Skip renovating stress and head to Splashes Bath & Kitchen

Key signs that you have a renovation on the mind include a scattering of magazines across every once-liveable surface of your home, a permanent magnetic pull to your Pinterest feed and words like brass, chrome and copper seeping into your everyday vocabulary. Whether you’re enjoying the creative process, or struggling to stay afloat, a stop at Splashes Bath & Kitchen is worth your weight in gold—or stainless steel fixtures.The Victoria-based distributor began back in 1892, as a plumbing and heating shop for local tradesman Andrew Sheret. It has since evolved into a leading authority on bathroom and kitchen design. Having just opened their twenty-first location in Terrace, B.C., you’ll never need to search far for a Splashes Bath & Kitchen, but convenient locations aren’t the only way Splashes can help.For serious renovation symptoms, book a one-on-one appointment and choose bathtubs, sinks and faucets stress-free. Their teams of experts will help you find a time-honoured style ideal for resale or a striking trend that suits you, and your home, to a tee.Or maybe you’re off to a good start but could stand to see a few more options. (Because really, when could you not?) In that case, their Inspiration blog is the perfect supplement to your own research and makes sourcing simple: the Splashes nearest you.Ever the experts, Splashes’ summer sale is perfectly timed to couple reduced prices with warm, dry reno-friendly weather. In fact, with several items listed below cost, you would be crazy not to take advantage. So stop putting it off—or searching for a good enough excuse to begin—and add shopping at Splashes to your summer “to-do” list.