€œThe client was from Finland, and that had a big influence on what she chose for the house,€ says designer Melanie Finkleman of Hazel and Brown. The new build in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood was Scandi-inspired and all about light, so the more windows, the better. Even the master bathroom door wouldn€™t block the sunshine (though of course, it was frosted for privacy). 

Rift-sawn white cabinetry warmed up the mostly-white space, while a square ceramic tile running halfway up the walls gave it a spa feel. That was no accident€”the house also features a basement sauna, so relaxing vibes are a home theme. Still, the client wanted an oasis that didn€™t take itself too seriously; to achieve that goal, the designer looked down.

A hexagonal floor tile was the answer. €œWe came up with a like poppy-like design by playing with the different colours of tile to make that flower pattern,€ says Finkleman. Other fun details, like a ladder towel bar, greenery, and framed art popped some personality into the otherwise-clinical bathroom. €œBecause it was a new build, we could really carve out the space we wanted for the bathroom,€ says the designer. A roomy master bath provided plenty of space for both serenity and spirit€”and to showcase the geometric floral floor.