Numerous ground-breaking product lines are driving growth at MAAX Bath Inc., a leading North American designer and manufacturer of bathware that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. €œOur success over the past half-century stems from our long-standing commitment to innovation,€ says company president Mark Gold. €œThroughout our history, we have made design, quality, convenience, price and customer service our top priorities and all of us at MAAX are proud of the rich legacy we have built together.€

MAAX was founded in 1969 in Tring-Jonction, a village in the Beauce region of Québec, and initially specialized in the manufacture of pools and components for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. Over the years, its product portfolio evolved, diversified and grew and it became a market leader in the bathware industry with three main product lines: bathtubs, shower solutions and shower doors. Now a member of Tennessee-based American Bath Group (ABG), MAAX has eight production facilities in North America and employs nearly 1,400 people. The company also has two R&D centres in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce and in Lachine, as well as a dedicated team based in the United States.

New product development is fundamental to MAAX's current growth strategy. €œWe are constantly testing new products and technologies by exploring emerging market trends and have a team dedicated to innovation related activities,€ notes Gold. €œWe are committed to maintain our leadership by offering our customers complete bathware solutions that meet everyday needs.€

Innovative U tile

One of those solutions is U tile, a game-changing shower wall product launched in 2015. It offers an easy to install and maintain alternative to conventional ceramic tiles with a cleverly engineered polymer surface that delivers a real stone and tile experience. €œU tile started with an idea and became a stellar success,€ says Gold. €œSince its launch it has taken the North American shower market by storm and picked up numerous awards for its unique design, sophisticated style and easy installation.€

The U tile development process took four years and involved consultations with some 2,000 plumbers, wholesalers, designers, architects and consumers. It also led to the creation of the innovative Ulok system which allows the installer to perfectly align the shower walls, slip them together and easily lock them into place without the need to cut, install and align tiles or use grout. €œU tile is faster to install than ceramic tiles and clearly underscores that innovation is at the heart of our DNA and something we will always champion,€ says Gold.

MAAX offerings are available through specialty boutiques, plumbing wholesalers and home improvement centers. The company also has a powerful web-based Partner Portal that enables customers and members of MAAX's sales force to obtain the latest updates on order status, product availability, delivery dates, and a plethora of other vital information. €œWe have sold approximately 30 million products to date, and our products are present in the bathrooms of thousands of homes in Canada and the United States,€ says Gold. €œEvery day, our customer base composed of distributors, specialized stores and retailers continues to grow and we are working hard to anticipate market trends and needs to continue to impress our customers for years to come.€