The length of this bathroom in Langley, B.C., presented a challenge to Reisa Pollard, owner of Beyond Beige Interior Design. “We were trying to manage the space without having it look like this long tunnel,” she shares. A single, sweeping mirror on one side visually widens the room, while the all-glass shower on the other keeps sight-lines clear for that gorgeous patio view.

(Credit: Provoke Studios)

“Often, spaces with incredible views still need window coverings because of the privacy element,” explains Pollard, “but in this case we opt to not use any window coverings at all.” Wall-to-wall windows aren’t a problem when you live on a farm. “The only people looking in are going to be the horses,” she laughs.

Pollard thought drywall wouldn’t do for a bathroom this grand, so stone masonry, reclaimed barn board and wow-factor windows make up this extra-tactile space. “The goal was to have a really strong relationship between the interior and the exterior, which is rather unusual for a bathroom,” says Pollard.

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