Three beautiful bedroom looks from three Western Canadian designers.

Get the Look: Sweet and Simple

In her own pretty, pastel-accented bedroom, designer Stephanie Brown mixes a touch of ’80s cool into a sweet, feminine space.

Mix and match geometrics. A Greek key border runs around the bedspread; a chevron pattern adorns the pretty pink throw pillows; a colour-block painting hangs on the wall. Because each pattern is linear, though, they work in harmony—no clashing prints here.

Layer mirrors with curtains. Mirrored panels on the wall help make a small space feel bigger and bounce around light to brighten things up, too. But when Brown wants to soften the look, she draws the lush navy curtain to make the space moodier.

Bring a little sparkle into the bedroom. Chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room anymore. A glittering vintage gold and crystal light fixture adds some feminine elegance and a little hit of glamour above the bed.

Get the Look: Palm Springs Pop

This Paul Lavoie–designed guest room mixes bold colour with mid-century-inspired accessories for a low-key, luxe look.

Try a monochromatic feature wall. A subtle white-and-grey pattern gives the feature wall behind the bed some visual interest and depth without stealing focus.

Go bold with the bed frame. Though most bed frames are wood or metal, custom-upholstered designs offer an opportunity to experiment with fabric—including velvet in jaw-dropping fuchsia.

Play with shapes. Square pulls on the bedside table are in playful contrast with the bubbly white lamp. 

Get the Look: Natural Beauty

This serene master bedroom designed by Cedric and Marieke Burgers celebrates nature with oversized windows and organic textures.

Install twin pendant lamps. Burgers flanked the headboard with matching Bella Modern pendant lamps—the glass fixtures echo the expansive windows and glass partition, and the long filament bulbs add a warm glow.

Bring the outside in. Wooden siding from Crystallia Finishing continues seamlessly from the outside patio and into the bedroom to add a layer of texture and warmth.

Pair raw concrete with cozy textiles. The cool concrete flooring is layered with a soft, nubby wool Golran area rug with stripes of ocean blues.